About Us

Driven to make playtime both purposeful and progressive, S’mores creates educational toys that makes learning exciting, interactive and filled with creative exploration.

Our mission

We Create Toys
that turn Playtime
into Learning time

We understand, traditional learning can sometimes feel overwhelming, tiresome and most times…boring!

After many late nights of in-depth research, personal experience and hands-on practice, we had discovered one very simple truth: Most kids will pick up a toy before they pick up a book.

But beyond which item a kid will pick up first, we also discovered that learning is not linear like we had always thought, but instead, it’s a multi-disciplinary experience that allows children to understand their world and grow their mind in so many different ways.

This is where we come in – creating a new way of learning through the art of play!

By introducing educational yet exciting toys that spark independent thinking, we allow our little ones to learn, discover and thrive with more freedom, and more fun. From problem-solving puzzles to water doodle discovery mats, each toy is purposeful, progressive and playful, and inspires your child to creatively tackle any task at hand.

Made to bring the family together, our toys are also exciting (and mind-bending) for grown-ups, creating a fun, interactive and inclusive learning experience for the entire family.

Bringing the fun back into learning, we invite you and your little tot to get creative, think outside of the box and turn playtime into learning time for everyday joy.

Monojit Bagchi– CEO S’mores.

Happy clients

This is what Industry leader and parents say about us

John Doe
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It was great interacting with the team at s'mores
Peter Paul
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Great, I love the vision the team has for children and there overall growth
Kristine Rogers
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Love what the are doing for kids, Experts in making kids excel
Paul Allen
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Great people, Awesome Vision.